Sonika Badenhorst

MSD (Play Therapy) BA (Social work) PGE

Hi, my name is Sonika Badenhorst,and I am a Licensed Social Worker, offering Play Therapy to children who had; or are having traumatic experiences.

Children ask for help through their behaviour, as they do not know how to ask for help or even what help they need. If a child acts out there is many times another reason than just being “naughty”. It is to children’s benefit to work through traumatic experiences before it becomes too much for a child to cope emotionally. Suicide is unfortunately not only executed by adults. We need to look out for our children’s emotional well-being.

As children play out their experiences, play therapy techniques can be used to Assess experiences for example sexual molestation, bullying or other sources of stress; or for Therapeutic intervention to enhance the child’s mental well-being. A happy child prospers in other areas of their lives. Unhappy children struggle, like all of us, to be creative and successful when issues are not dealt with in an understandable way.

I love to see people blossoming and living their lives to the full. As is well-known, research has proven that: People who do not deal with life traumas tend to have more health problems. It is a great privilege for me to counsel adults in accordance with neurological facts and simple biblical truths to attain emotional wholeness. Many emotions and reactions of adults can be traced back to childhood experiences. In this process lies that are held on to subconsciously are identified and truth resolves these emotions and reactive behaviour. …thus blossoming is possible!

Other services offered are:

  • Parental Plans for court or mediation purposes.
  • Access and Contact investigations if a mandate is given by the attorneys involved.
  • Supervised visitations ordered by court can be facilitated at the premises on certain terms and conditions.

I would say my motto is the best interest of the child and to hear the voice of the child, in short – Giving back their value.

Workshops Attended

Play Therapy (Children & Teens)

Children don’t say, “I had a hard day, can we talk?” They say, “Will you play with me?”
Lawrence Cohen

Sometimes it is difficult for children and teens to find the words of what they feel and experience. The free and protected space, using arts, sand trays, clay and toys provides a place where non rational and non- verbal processes can activate ways of thinking that leads to problem solving. Teens are more willing and able to open up through this process, as it is non-threatening.


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